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  • Quickly Getting Your Relationship Back on Track

    Marathon Couples’ Counseling

    Are you a couple who want to make changes quickly? Does one of you travel, or due to your busy schedule you would struggle to set aside time for weekly appointments? As a couple, have you experienced a crisis and need to rapidly shift gears in your relationship?

    If you answered, “Yes” to any of the above Marathon Couples’ Counseling may be right for you.

    What is Marathon Couples’ Counseling?

    Marathon Couples’ Counseling provides an intensive, condensed and highly-focused approach to relationship issues that can help couples move quickly through specific issues and learn important new skills in a short period of time. You can choose either a half-day or full-day depending on your needs.

    The approach used is based on the Gottman Method to couples’ therapy that includes a thorough assessment to understand fully the strengths and difficulties in your relationship and integrates research-based interventions and tools for restoring your relationship and building and maintaining intimacy.

    The Couples’ Marathon Counseling Packages

    Half Marathon Day: 3-Hour Assessment Option

    Ideal for couples who having decided they want couples’ counseling and are now wanting to rapidly get the process started to speed the therapy process along. This option will include:

    • Online Questionnaires in Advance: Before the appointment you will complete online questionnaires separately to provide a comprehensive overview of the strengths and difficulties in the relationship. The questionnaires come from the Gottman Institute. The questionnaires take about an hour to complete but can be done in short amounts of time by saving what you have worked on and coming back to work on it later. It is crucial that the questionnaires be completed prior to the Marathon Counseling Session.
    • Meeting with the Couple Together: I will start off by meeting with both partners to get an overview of the difficulties you are seeking help for and to understand your best hopes from therapy.
    • Meet with Each Partner Separately: I will then meet each partner for an individual session which will include getting to know each partner better, gain an understanding of what life was like growing up in your family of origin, and gain better clarity on each partner’s perspectives on the current relationship difficulties. While I am meeting with one partner, the other will be able to have a break.
    • Feedback to the Couple: After a short break, I will meet with you both together to talk through the assessment to include the strengths of the relationship as well as the areas that you would benefit from working on in couples’ therapy.
    • Homework: You will go away with supplemental material to introduce you to some tools to get you started to better manage conflicts and reduce arguments, and/or improve your friendship.
    Full Marathon Day: 6-Hour Intensive Therapy Package

    Ideal for couples who:

    • want help to resolve a current crisis or a specific issue in the relationship.
    • want to make some changes quickly such as finding ways to begin to manage conflicts.
    • due to busy schedules find it a struggle to set aside time for weekly appointments.

    This Option will Include:

    • 3-Hour Assessment Option (see above)
    • Lunch Break followed by 3 Hours of Intensive Research-Based Couples Counseling

    During the intensive 3-hour session you can expect an intensive, condensed and highly-focused approach to relationship issues that can help you move quickly through specific issues and learn important new skills in a short period of time. You will learn tools to:

    • better manage conflicts in a healthy, positive way.
    • build and maintain your friendship and sense of closeness.
    • break through previously unsolvable gridlocked issues like money, parenting and/or sexuality.
    • repair hurts from past regrettable incidents.
    • start the process to re-build trust and commitment.
    Full Marathon Day: 6-Hour Intensive Therapy Option

    What happens after the Marathon Couples’ Session?

    After the Marathon Couples’ Session, you will be encouraged to return for follow-up Couples’ Counseling sessions to assure the benefits are maintained and to further build on those successes to help you achieve our best hopes for your relationship together.

    Telehealth Videoconferencing Option

    Online private secure videoconferencing is available for Marathon Couples’ sessions. The work is exactly the same but from the comfort of your own home, or if you two are doing the Marathon Couples’ Counseling Session as part of a short get away break together?

    How do I get started?

    To get started please request an appointment or contact me with any questions.

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