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  • Therapy for Lasting Change

    Individual Therapy

    Are you struggling with a problem that is negatively impacting your emotional well-being, close relationships, or social functioning? Have you been feeling hopeless or lost lately, or struggling with a problem in your life that feels insurmountable? Does fear cripple your ability to live a well-rounded life? Does sadness keep you from enjoying the many opportunities that life has to offer? Are you feeling crushed under the weight of addiction or grief? Are you burdened with unresolved feelings or struggle to process past experiences?

    If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then individual therapy may be right for you.

    How do I know if Individual Therapy or Coaching is right for me?

    Individual Therapy

    Individual therapy is probably right for you if you are feeling really bad, struggling with self-doubt, anxiety, depression, negative core beliefs, trauma, unfinished business with the past, intense emotions, painful relationships or addictive behaviors. With Individual Therapy I can help you reduce levels of individual distress and regain a satisfactory sense of personal well-being.

    Individual Therapy is especially helpful if you are going through a difficult life change like a separation, divorce or loss. Through individual therapy I can help you develop a sense of direction and control and feel confident in managing all aspects of your life.

    Coaching: Life Coaching, Relationship Coaching & Divorce Coaching

    Sometimes, people feel generally okay, and feel strong enough to start making changes. Coaching is probably right for you if you are:

    • wanting support and encouragement in building solutions to achieve work or personal life goals.
    • wanting help to form secure and stable relationship success.
    • going through a life change and wanting clarity about the preferred changes and desired goals you want in your life and relationships.

    My approach to Individual Therapy as a Marriage and Family Therapist

    I treat a wide range of serious individual psychological problems, including depression and anxiety.
    Sessions last approximately 50 minutes.

    My therapy tends to be:

    • solution-focused.
    • specific, with attainable therapeutic goals.
    • designed with the “end in mind.”

    As a Marriage and Family Therapist I’m trained to evaluate and treat mental health and emotional disorders, other health, and behavioral problems, and address a wide array of mental health issues within the context of the family system. So, while I may be seeing a client individually, I take a holistic perspective and am concerned with the overall, long-term well-being of the individual and their family.

    Involving other members of the family

    At times I may offer sessions that involve other key people in the client’s life to help people to understand and support each other better. For instance, when working with children I may offer a mixture of individual sessions with the young person, some sessions with the parents without the child, and some sessions with the whole family. Similarly, when working with adults individually I may at times suggest inviting a partner or other close family members.

    What if we find that Couples or Family Therapy would be what we need?

    It is not uncommon for clients to come for individual therapy and recognize that couples or family therapy would be the better option. As a marriage and family therapist I can help make that transition in approaches seamless.