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  • Helping Couples Build Successful Blended Families

    Step Parenting & Blended Family Counseling

    “Stepping into a new sense of family is both complicated and wonderful.”

    Are you a parent who has found love again after a divorce and have concerns about how to become a happy blended family? Have you fallen in love with someone who has children and finds it difficult as the outsider on how to be accepted or work out your role as a stepparent? Are you finding that creating a blended family has become stressful you are struggling to know how to get things on track?

    If you answered “yes” to any of those questions, Stepfamily and Blended Family Coaching can help you build the blended family you hope for.

    How can Stepfamily and Blended Family Coaching help?

    Stepfamily and Blended Family Coaching helps you set a foundation for successful transitions, allowing your new family to build solutions towards reaching the family you both dream of in a way that respects all members of the family system and leads to healthy, thriving children, teens and adults alike.

    Stepfamily Coaching can begin as you start dating and falling in love, to help guide you through the process of introducing children to a dating partner (and their children!) and ultimately stepping into a stepfamily.

    Stepfamily and Blended Family Coaching will help you:

    • build solutions and navigate the road towards becoming a successful blended family.
    • understand the complexity of the relationships in your changing family.
    • develop increased understanding of when children are struggling with losses, loyalty binds, and too much change.
    • manage parenting and discipline decisions allowing steps to be taken to soften the stress and avoid forcing the impossible.

    Pre-marital Counseling for Second Marriages

    Other related services include prepare/enrich pre-marital counseling to start your relationship off on a strong foundation for building a new life together.

    Stepparenting Mediation

    Parenting in stepfamilies and blended families can lead to clashes, fears, and on-going uneasiness between all the adults involved and especially the original co-parents who remain the executive team of their children’s lives.

    Family mediation is available for parents and stepparents from both households who are willing to come together to discuss how best to define roles, set expectations, care for children, honor boundaries, and respectfully communicate.