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  • Helping You Build Happily Ever After

    Relationship Coaching

    Are you married or in a serious relationship and it feels like you are having arguments that don’t get resolved, not understanding each other, worried about losing affection or having a diminished sex life and/or beginning to feel like you are becoming roommates? 

    Are you planning to get married or move in together and want to start out your new relationship with a strong foundation?After being divorced, have you found love again and want this time to be different as you begin to build a life together?

    Are you single or dating casually and have had issues with relationships in the past and would like to find solutions to maintain a relationship?

    If you answered, “yes” to any of the above questions, then relationship coaching might be for you. Why wait any longer? What could be more important than making your relationship what you know it could be? I’m here to help you build the solutions you need for happily ever after.

    What is Relationship Coaching?

    Relationship coaching helps provide relationship success and enrichment.  Relationship coaching is for those who feel generally okay, but are recognizing they simply need additional tools, accountability, support, and encouragement to help build solutions to strengthen their relationship. Relationship coaching is helpful for couples at every stage of life, from just starting out, to having children, to mid-life challenges, to facing the empty nest and retirement years.

    Common Relationship Coaching Outcomes 

    • Improve friendship and emotional connection to help you have the kind of partnership you always hoped for. 
    • Rediscover intimacy in your relationship growing closer to your partner and strengthening your physical connection, discovering new ways to cherish and make time for each other.
    • Discover what trust and commitment look like in your unique relationship—all while exploring ways to have fun together and keep the thrill alive.
    • Learn how to foster intimacy and opening up communication around sex, learning your partner’s preferences, exploring sensuality, reignite the passion in your relationship and safety in your relationship and how doing so can lead to amazing sex.
    • Know how to identify and express your needs in the relationship.
    • Know how to be a great listener.
    • Support each other’s dreams and life goals.
    • Reclaim time for your relationship and restore balance (Work/Life/Family)
    • Find healthier ways to resolve conflict and restore a sense of calm.
    • Understand why you keep fighting about the same recurring issues, and how to get “unstuck”.
    • How to approach conflict conversations gently, in a way that addresses specific issues.
    • Improve communication to create greater understanding of your partner’s side of an issue, and for your partner to understand where you’re coming from.
    • Know how to navigate more difficult arguments and the feelings that come along with them. 
    • Know how to process after difficult arguments and heal from them together.
    • Build solutions to resolve parenting or financial differences
    • Redefine your roles and expectations around the home
    • Overcome stepparenting and blended family challenges that impact your relationship.
    • and more…

    What is the Difference Between Relationship Coaching Couples and Counseling?

    Relationship coaching and couples counseling are very similar processes. Relationship coaching is for those who have picked up on early signs of difficulties. Couples’ counseling tends to go deeper to help heal and sometimes rebuild the relationship. 


    What happens in Relationship Coaching?

    In the first session I meet with both partners to begin to understand the difficulties for which they are seeking help. The couple will then go away and complete online questionnaires separately to provide a comprehensive overview of the strengths and difficulties in the relationship. I will then meet each partner for an individual session which will include getting to know each partner better, gaining an understanding of what life was like growing up in their family of origin, their perspectives on their current relationship difficulties, and their best hopes from our work together. In the next session I meet with the couple together to talk through the assessment to include the strengths of the relationship as well as the areas that the couple would benefit from working.

    Why use a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist?

    While most mental health professionals or coaches see couples, they may have had limited training in couples. Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists (LMFT) are mental health professionals specifically trained to help facilitate change for couples and families.  

    I’m not sure if my partner will attend, can I come by myself first?

    Yes. However, typically it becomes clear that it would be best if you and your partner were coming together. The longer we work together individually, the more difficult it might be later for your partner who may not be able to view me as a neutral figure.

    If my partner won’t attend with me, should I still come by myself?

    Yes. You can make an impact on your relationship by making changes on your own.