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    Life Coaching

    Do I need Therapy or Coaching?

    People have many options when it comes to getting effective help in making positive changes in their life. It can be confusing to figure out what kind of help you need. People often wonder about the difference between counseling and life coaching, and which strategy is right for them.

    To help understand the difference, I often use the “hole and mountain” metaphor to help people understand the difference between counseling and coaching and decide which is best for them.

    Filling the hole: when Therapy is the right choice

    When people are feeling really bad, they are in “the hole.” They may be struggling with self-doubt, anxiety, depression, negative core beliefs, trauma, unfinished business with the past, intense emotions, painful relationships, or addictive behaviors. (Sometimes even all at the same time). If you feel like you need insight, emotional support, or healing, and simply feel better before you’re ready to make changes in your day-to-day — start with individual counseling.

    Climbing the mountain: when Coaching is a good choice

    Sometimes, people feel generally okay, and feel strong enough to start making changes, and begin “climbing the mountain” that leads to greater success. Coaching is probably right for you if you are:

    • looking for help to achieve work and personal life goals.
    • wanting help to form secure and stable relationship success.
    • going through a life change and wanting clarity about the preferred changes and desired goals you want in your life and relationships.
    • wanting support and encouragement in building solutions and take the necessary steps to get to the top of the mountain.

    Coaching is one of the leading tools employed by high-functioning, successful people to lead extraordinary lives. The core philosophy and intention in my work, is to support clients in whatever way necessary to live their lives to the full.

    Common Coaching Outcomes

    • Achieve relationship success and enrichment
    • Improve relationship with children
    • Become unstuck and overcome obstacles
    • Improve your confidence and performance
    • Enhance your self-awareness
    • Enhance your self-confidence, self-esteem, and/or self-efficacy
    • Break unhelpful habits
    • Restore your sense of calm
    • Reach your dream goals
    • Grow in fullness of your potential
    • and more…

    Whether you simply need additional tools and accountability to achieve what you want in life, or you are searching for more meaning, direction and fulfilment, I will help you get there.

    Solution-Focused Approach to Coaching

    I utilize a solution-focused approach which is a research-based and time-efficient approach. Sessions last approximately 50 minutes.